6 treatments for the price of 5

Image of 6 treatments for the price of 5

Learn more about our range of treatments with our special offer.

This offer includes the following treatments:

Gift vouchers are also available.

Massage: 6 treatments for the price 5 (£190.00)

Physiotherapy: 6 treatments for the price 5 (£175.00) 

Terms and conditions

  • This offer can be re-purchased at the end of the 6 treatments.
  • Massage treatments will last one hour (worth £38.00). 
  • Clients that have taken advantage of a free initial assessment in the past will qualify for this offer after payment of the first 5 treatments. 
  • Clients who have signed up for the first FREE treatment offer, which started in July 2017, can apply for this offer after payment of the first 5 treatments.
  • Clients that have not taken advantage of any previous offers will pay for all five treatments, in full, before receiving their first treatment. Treatment 6 will be free of charge.
  • This offer cannot be back dated. 
  • **Due to the price of oils, aromatherapy treatments are priced at £43.00 per hour.
  • ***Acupuncture will incur a £3.00 supplement for up to 6 needles maximum

Physiotherapy and sports physiotherapy treatments are £35.00. You can mix and match your offers. However, if you requested a massage treatment, you will need to pay a £3 supplement per massage treatment. 

For more information, please call us on 0113 229 1300.
Terms and conditions are correct at the time of publication. 



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