Get a 1hr Sports Massage for only £23! (normally £38)

Image of Get a 1hr Sports Massage for only £23! (normally £38)

Pay for a 30 minute Sports Massage with Vikki or Bethany (£23) and get 30 minutes FREE!

Who would benefit from a sports massage?


A sports massage isn't just for those who play/practice sports that are injured, it can also offer many benefits to uninjured people who are aiming to improve their overall sport performances.

A sports massage can also benefit people that have physically demanding jobs and people suffering from an old injury. Even people that have sedentary desk jobs can even benefit from a sports massage.

What is a sports massage?

This type of massage treatment helps to improve physical performance and mobility by manipulating soft muscle tissue. As a result, a sports massage helps to reduce the build up of lactic acid in the body that helps to prevent muscle soreness.

Most people think that you need to get a Sports Massage when you're injured. However, this isn't the case. Athletes and sporting professionals choose a sports massage to help reduce tension and stresses that accumulate within the body's soft tissues during regular training.

Terms and conditions

  • This offer available to new patients only.
  • Available at our Leeds clinic with our Sports Massage Therapists Vikki Adams and Bethany Turner.
  • Offer ends 30th November 2019.



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