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We offer a variety of massages, from deep tissue sports massages, to full body, relaxing, aromatherapy and Swedish massages. To find out more about each type we offer, read below. Prices start from £23 for 30 minutes and £38 for an hour.

Packages Available at Leeds and Guiseley 

Massage Package - £190 (60 Mins) / £115 (30 Mins)

A course of 6 Swedish or deep tissue massage treatments for the price of 5 when you buy the massage package.

Massage (Swedish or deep tissue)

  • Face and scalp - £23 (30 Mins)
  • Back, neck and shoulder - £23 (30 Mins)
  • Full body including face and scalp - £38 (60 Mins)

Packages Only Available at Leeds Clinic

Reflexology Massage Leeds Package - £190 (60 Mins) / £115 (30 Mins) 

A course of 6 reflexology treatments for the price of 5 when you buy the reflexology package.

Aromatherapy Leeds Package - £200 - only available at Wortley, Leeds Clinic 

A course of 6 personalised aromatherapy treatments for the price of 5 when you buy the aromatherapy package.

Deep Relaxation and De-stress Package - £255

A course of 6 weekly aromatherapy massage treatments incorporating reflexology techniques, using a blend of essential oils for deep relaxation as well as take home bathing blends, aromatherapy candle and advice on stress reduction techniques.

Detox Package - £255

A course of 6 weekly aromatherapy massage treatments incorporating reflexology techniques, using a detoxifying blend of oils as well as bath soak and inhalation products to aid detoxification between treatments.

Pamper Package - £135 (3 treatments) / £255 (6 treatments)

3 or 6 aromatherapy or massage treatments designed to pamper the skin including take home oil blends and aromatherapy candle to prolong the luxury between treatments.

Weight Loss Package - £255

6 weekly massage treatments combining the power of essential oils with deep tissue massage to disperse fat cells to aid weight loss. The package includes essential oil blends and aromatherapy candle to use between treatments to reduce appetite and healthy eating advice.


  • Mini reflexology foot treatment - £23 (30 Mins)
  • Full reflexology foot treatment - £38 (60 Mins)


  • Anti-aging facial, décolletage and scalp massage - £28 (30 Mins)
  • Full body including face and scalp  - £40 (60 Mins)

Lunch Break Luxuries

Deep tissue foot massage 

15 minute deep tissue foot massage for instant de-stress, re-energise and soft supple happy feet. - £10

Deep tissue hand and arm massage 

15 minute deep tissue hand and arm for instant de-stress and revitalised skin. - £10

Head healing massage 

15 minute (medium free) calming scalp massage to prepare you for your afternoon. - £10

You can add gorgeous essential oils to any of the above treatments for £3 

Aromatherapy Products  

Room sprays
100ml essential oil blended room spray to enjoy a whiff of your favourite scents and cleanse the air in your home to boot. - £10

Burner/diffuser oils
Feel comforted by the scent of essential oils blended for you gently diffusing into the air around your home. - £10

Body and roll on oils

Individual body massage oil blend for use post shower or bath to nourish body and mind. - £15

Roll on oil for your pressure points blended specifically for your needs. Use any time in the day for an instant replay of your last aromatherapy treatment. - £5 

Aromatherapy candles

Aromatherapy candles with essential oil blends intended to relieve stress, encourage weight loss, detoxify the body and clear the mind. Personalised blends can be made to order. - £10

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