Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy

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In May 2020 some cigarettes will be increasing to £15 per packet.

If you are a smoker who wants to quit, then you can kick the habit with just ONE SESSION of Hypnotherapy. In just 13 days of non-smoking you will have paid for your treatment, and from then on it's cash in your pocket!

The cost for the Smoking Cessation Hypnotherapy is just £200.

Hayley will empower you on a deep sub-conscious level so that it feels more automatic, easy and natural, using a powerful technique to convince your subconscious mind to want to stop smoking.

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy is rapidly becoming the method of choice for people who want to successfully stop smoking for good. The success rate for Hayley’s Smoking Cessation Hypnotherapy is very high.

Key points:

  • Please allow 2 hours for your appointment
  • Please DO-NOT attempt to cut down or quit smoking yourself before your session
  • Please bring with you any of your last remaining cigarettes
  • Please ensure it is YOU that wants to stop smoking. It is unlikely to work if you are wanting to stop for someone else


Stopping Smoking - One 2 hour session

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