The importance of warming up

The importance of warming up

Warm-up exercises are essential regardless of the type of exercise you perform. A good warm-up exercise routine will prevent sprains and strains. When playing sports in colder temperatures, the muscles get tighter, and you are more prone to injury.

Here are some suggestions to add your warm-up routine:

1: Basic Stretches

Stretch the back, legs and arms. It's also important to focus on the hamstrings, the quadriceps and the Achilles' tendon.

2: Arm circles

Performing arm circles are great to get the heart rate going. Rotate your arms from one side to the other, but make sure to increase the tempo.

3: Twisting the Upper Body

To stretch the upper body, place your hands on your hips and rotate your upper body from left to right, then in the opposite direction.

4: Jogging on the spot

After you've done some stretches, jogging on the spot will help to boost your heart rate.

5: Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks are ideal for increasing the heart rate and improving blood circulation. This will ensure that the heart will begin to pump more blood to the muscles. Making you less prone to injury.

6: Squats

Squats are great for working the lower body, especially the quadriceps and the glutes.

By spending more time warming up, you will benefit from having warmer muscles and reduce the risk of injury.

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