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From our head office in Leeds and our treatment rooms in Guiseley, we provide quality, clinically robust and tailored treatment programmes, all delivered by Chartered Physiotherapists.

By providing quality, value for money and effective solutions we help our clients get back to fitness quickly and effectively.

You can read more about our friendly expert team on our Team page.



Established in 1990, Physio Med provides quality and affordable Physiotherapy and Ergonomic Solutions.

Since 1990 Physio Med have been helping clients local to Leeds and Guiseley get back to peak fitness.

Telehealth - Remote Physiotherapy Advice and Support

For over 10 years Physio Med has been leading the way with remote physiotherapy services, as it was recognised that when a patient has a musculoskeletal problem they need help and advice quickly, the quicker they can get this advice the better chance of recovery. From this our Telehealth service was born and with the advancement of technology also came the advancement of the service.

Now we are able to offer full telephone and video assessments with follow up appointments supported by full access to online health and well-being information, practical guides to managing your condition and your own personalised video exercise and recovery programme that you can follow anytime, anywhere from any internet ready device.

An Experienced Hand

Established by Mark Fletcher, Mark has been a Chartered Physiotherapist for 24 years. Originally from Stockton-On-Tees, Mark was also head physio for rugby Super League team the Bradford Bulls between 1999 and 2002.

Mark oversees the clinical direction of the business but also still spends a proportion of his time on clinical practice at both Physio Med Leeds and in the original Guiseley clinic whilst also managing the Telehealth teams

Now with a team to support him, Mark and his team of Chartered Physiotherapists continue to do what Mark set out to do 24 years ago, which is to provide the highest level of physiotherapy in Leeds, Guiseley and West Yorkshire.

Physio Med have also expanded during this time to offer Podiatry, Acupuncture, Massage Therapy, Back Care Classes and a range of other services.

You can read more about our friendly expert team on our Team page.



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