Home assessment and treatment service from Physio Med

Chartered Physiotherapy with the highest levels of patient care, as you would expect from Physio Med. 

  • From the safety and comfort of your own home
  • No Travel Required
  • Quick Access to a Chartered Physiotherapist
  • Full assessment and treatment plan

Our home assessment and treatment service has been looking after the staff of the NHS, Police, The Fire Service and large employers throughout the UK for over 10 years. We developed this service in order to help patients receive physiotherapy services quickly, without the usual wait for an appointment.

The quicker we can deal with a musculoskeletal problem, the quicker we can improve on your condition. If you leave a musculoskeletal condition too long it can become chronic and much more difficult to treat. 

Only £38


or call 0113 229 1300


What can I expect?

We always start with an initial assessment; this is a one-off service. You then have the option to follow up with additional sessions if they are required. 


Your initial assessment will include the following:

Physio Med Assessment


How can I access the service?

Call us on 0113 229 1300 or use our online booking service


How is the assessment conducted remotely?

Telephone or Video call. Whatever you are comfortable with. When you book with us we will provide you with everything.


What if I am not suitable?

We can help in the majority of cases, but in instances where home assessment and support is not the best option we will refer you on to your GP with required recommendations. 


Just some of the injuries we can treat:

Instances where Telehealth cannot be used

  • Neurological conditions e.g. stroke patients
  • Following on from surgery (post-surgery rehabilitation)
  • Rheumatological patients e.g. fibromyalgia
  • Already under the care of another Physiotherapist/Osteopathist/Chiropractor/Consultant Physician 





Only £38


or call 0113 229 1300

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